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Corporate Office
Kamaladi Complex (4th Floor), 1951, Kamaladi-30383 Kathmandu-31, Nepal

Phone: +977.1.4212940+977.1.4212940
Email: prudential@wlink.com.np

Last Updated Date: 24 Apr, 2016 04:27:28 pm

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Welcome to Prudential Insurance Co. Ltd.

Prudential Insurance Company was incorporated under the Companies Act on November 30, 2000. With the approval of Beema Samiti, it commenced operation on June 20, 2002. The Company is housed in the four floor of Kamaladi Complex an exquisitely built modern office complex located in the heart of the City.

Formed with an initial capital of Rupees 50 Crores (this includes Public Issue of Rs. 27 Crores). the company can claim to have a strong financial base the first essential ingredient for success in the business of insurance. The strength, reputation and the influence of the groups and their business associates together with the professional management the Company has employed give an assurance of stability and quality service to the Nepalese customers.

The Company's operation is computerized with an integrated insurance software that ensures speedy and quality service to its customers in matters of issuing policies and settlement of claims. Emphasis is put on recruitment of quality staff and providing them...

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