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Prudential Insurance Company was incorporated under the Companies Act on November 30, 2000. With the approval of Beema Samiti, it commenced operation on June 20, 2002. The Company is housed in the floor of Kamaladi Complex an exquisitely built modern office complex located in the heart of the City.

Formed with an initial capital of Rupees 25 Crores (this includes Public Issue of Rs. 5 Crores). the company can...

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Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Provides indemnity in the form of compensation for death/injuries to workmen caused by accident whilst on duty as per Labour…

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आगलागि विमा एक जानकारी

आगलागि विमा अन्तर्गत कुनै पनि जायजेथा एवं सम्पत्ति विमा गर्न सकिन्छ । आगलागि विमा लेखलाई प्राकृतिक विपत्ति, वन्द, हडताल, विविध…

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मोटर विमा एक जानकारी

कुनै दुर्घटना वा वाह्य कारण, आगलागि, वाह्य विस्फोटन, स्वयं विस्फोटन, झिल्का, चोरी वा सडक वा सडकको कुनै मार्गस्थ, रेलमार्ग, सामुद्रिक…

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  • No. of Claim Intimated 1040
  • Amt. of Estimated Claim 474,154,000.00
  • No. of Paid Claim 1037
  • Amt. of Paid Claim 468,077,000.00
  • No. of Adv. Paid 2
  • Amt. of Adv. Paid 2,800,000.00
  • Updated On 16-September, 2018