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Citizen’s Charter

1. Nature of the Company
Deal in Non-life Insurance Business

2. Laws & Acts
Companies Act, 2063
Insurance Act, 2049
Insurance Rules & Regulation
Other Related Laws & Acts
Rules and Regulations & Circulars issued by the Beema Samiti

3. Documents Required for Insurance Policy
A. Vehicle Insurance
Proposal form & KYC form
Vehicle Registration Booklet (Bluebook)
Renewal Notice from previous Insurance Company, if any

B. Marine Insurance
Proposal form & KYC form
Letter of Credit (L/C), Invoice, Proforma Invoice,

C. Contractor All Risk
Proposal form & KYC form
Contract Document, Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

D. Travel Medical Insurance
Proposal form & KYC form
Copy of Passport

E. Other Insurance
Proposal form & KYC form
As required by the company

4. Time taken to issue insurance policy
Generally 3 hoursafter acquisition of all the required information and documents as mentioned above.

5. Amount to be paid by insured for Insurance policy or Renewal
Premium as declared in insurance policy or renewal policy
Stamp duty
Value added tax (VAT)

6. Renewal Notice
At the end of the insurance period, the company issues renewal notice one month prior to the expiry of Insurance policy period.

7. Intimation at the time of accident:
Inform insurance company immediately for registering a claim and deputing a surveyor and/or an investigator
An immediate report to the police is also mandatory in case of vehicle is stolen or when third party injury/death/property damage is involved

8. Where to claim
Claim Department of the company corporate office or any branch offices. However, the settlement of the claim will be done from corporate office only.

9. Information to provide to company as the time of reporting a claim
Insurance policy number
Date & time of accident
Place of accident
How does that accident occurred with your name, address and contact number in the claim intimation letter

10. Time taken to pay the compensation against claim
Normally, it will take 15 days to settle the claims after submission of complete documents including of Surveyor report.
Otherwise company will settle the claim within 35 days as prescribed by Insurance Act, 2049.

11. Officers to receive complaints
The Company s Corporate Office
First Mr. Anand Babu Khadka Company Secretary
Second Mr.  Ujjwal Dhungana Deputy General Manager
Third Mr. B K Maharjan Chief Executive Officer

12. Financial Report
Quarterly Report will published in daily newspaper within one month of following month of the quarter
Quarterly Report will published in company website within one month of following month of the quarter
Annual Report will published in company website

13. Share related task
The entire share related task will deal by the NMB Capital Limited, NMB Building, Nagpokhari, Kathmandu.