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Others Insurances Available
Public Liability Insurance Baggage Insurance All Risk Insurance Professional Indemnities Third Party Liability Insurance Business Interruption Household's Comprehensive Traders Comprehensive Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance Hospital or Home Treatment Insurance Group Accident Insurance Read More
Bankers Blanket Insurance
A comprehensive policy that covers the loss of money and security by Fire, Burglary, Theft and Hold-up: Loss of money and security while in transit; Fraud and dishonesty by employees; Loss due to forged cheques/credit; Fraud and dishonesty by the employees of the insured in respects of any goods and /or commodities pledged or commodities… Read More
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
Provides indemnity in the form of compensation for death/injuries to workmen caused by accident whilst on duty as per Labour Act, Nepal. Read More
Erection All Risk Insurance
This insurance provides a comprehensive cover for a new project involving construction, erection or installation of factories, workshops, plant and machinery and any other equipment. The policy can be extended to link it with Marine Cargo Insurance to provide a full protection form the time the Machinery/equipment are dispatched by the foreign suppliers till the… Read More
Contractors All Risk Insurance
Designed to provide indemnity to contractors in respect of physical loss that may occur during the period of construction or during the specified period of maintenance of the construction work. Read More
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle or motor insurance covers only loss or damage to the vehicle by accidental or external means, fire, external explosion, self ignition, lighting, burglary, theft or malicious act whilst in road or in transit by road, rail inland waterway, lift or elevator, and the insured's liability to third party in respect of death or bodily… Read More
Marine Cargo Insurance
This policy is meant for all kinds of cargoes transported by road, rail, air or sea. Policy and also be extended to cover the loss or damage to the cargoes caused by war, Strike and malicious acts. Read More
Personal Accident Insurance
This insurance provides cover against the death and / or bodily injury due to accident. This policy can be taken for individual or in group Read More
Medical and Health Insurance
This insurance essentially covers medical expenses in case of hospitalization as a result of accident or illness and can be extended suitably to cover the treatment as out patients not requiring hospitalization. This is also a very suitable health insurance cover for any employee groups including dependent family members. Read More
Micro Insurance
Micro Insurance provides wide range of Insurance coverage from highly susceptible to risks form low income group like: Group Personal Accident Insurance Crop Insurance Cattle Insurance House Hold Insurance Health Insurance Read More
Agriculture Insurance
This insurance provides insurance coverage form various agricultural activities like Vegetable, Fruits, Cattle, Fish, Poultry, Paddy etc. Read More
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
This insurance is designed to indemnify losses due to breakdown of or damages to all kinds of machinery, equipment and appliances occasioned by accidental, mechanical electrical and operational causes. Boilers can also be insured under Boiler Insurance. Read More
Electronic Equipment Insurance
All kinds of electronic equipment, appliances, gadgets and computers can be insured under this type of insurance which provides almost a comprehensive cover. Read More
Burglary and House Breaking Insurance
Covers all kind of goods and movable properties housed in buildings/ go downs / factories against the risks of burglary and house breaking. Read More
Cash Insurance
Insured is indemnified in case of loss of cash in safe/ vault and cash in transit due to insured perils. Read More
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
Provides indemnity to the employer for financial loss caused by theft, forgery,embezzlement etc. Committed by salaried employees in the course of performance of their duties Read More
Property Insurance
Any asset and Property can be insured under property insurance. The property policy can be extended to cover natural calamities and riot & strikes, malicious damage, sabotage & terrorism risks. Read More
Overseas Medical and Travel Insurance
As the name suggests, this insurance is suitable for private individuals and business executives undertaking overseas trips to Europe, America and other countries. It covers medical expenses that are necessarily incurred abroad following an accident or a sudden illness. Loss of baggage and passport and certain other expenses incidental to the main claim are also… Read More